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An important Contribution to the Fight against Plastic Waste


SALEM-Uganda: Paper instead of Plastic

In collaboration with the Government of Wales, the SALEM-Uganda nursery has been involved in the "Ten Million Tree Planting Project" for some time.

 The goal is the reforestation of the area around Mount Elgon and raising the awareness of residents and schoolchildren for the importance of planting trees.

So far, plastic pots have been used to grow the seedlings in the SALEM nursery.However, they are weathered by the sun and rain and the continuously released plastic particles pollute soil and groundwater.

In order to avoid this pollution for the years to come, the employees in the nursery - especially our current volunteer Therese - want to introduce paper pots with each new planting process step by step. Although these are slightly more expensive than those made of plastic, they have the advantage that they are fully compostable and can easily be used for planting in the soil.

For the production of paper pots made of pieces of newspaper, we train local women's groups who receive a reasonable wage for this purpose.

Meanwhile, the idea has also found appeal in SALEM-Togo and is also used there!Therefore, we ask for your help - every euro counts to replace plastic with paper.

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